Design studio

The design studio of Bellgrado consists of a team of professional artists and graphic designers. Professional designers create complicated, and at the same time unique, embroidered patterns following the fashion trends and expectations and individual needs of clients. The design studio uses the latest version of the software by the WILCOM company, which ensures the highest quality and precision of decoration. The designers, having unlimited possibilities of combining embroidery with laser techniques, create patterns with the use of sequins, sequined motifs, rhinestones, rhinestone motifs and by doing this, they fulfil all expectations of clients. Our specialists adjust the designs to the individual needs of customers, offer them advice and help with designing the patterns. The patterns created by the design studio are copied onto the materials. Regular clients and clients ordering bulk amounts of embroidery services receive free graphical designs.

Please, contact us regarding quotation requests at:
Tel: +48 42 252 67 05
Tel: +48 509 561 837